March 21, 2023

Before the start of the 2022 World Cup, I was sure that the leadership of the French national team already knew the fate of Didier Deschamps after the World Cup, because everything indicated that one of the most successful coaches among the national teams would leave his place. . work, but despite the defeat in the final, the French football federation announced the extension of the contract until 2026. For this reason, Zinedine Zidane, who had previously announced his desire to lead his native team, once again hung up on a state of uncertainty. Clearly, he’s not going to sit around for another three or four years without working, so we’ve selected several teams he could lead in the near future.


If it was not possible to manage the French team, why not try it in Portugal? Fernando Santos retired after the 22nd World Cup, and several specialists proposed to him, including José Mourinho. Now the main candidate is called Roberto Martínez, who never managed to lead the great Belgian generation to success, but it is Zinedine Zidane who looks much stronger than him.

Portugal has retained high-quality veterans, many young players have grown up, and in general the composition of the European team can be considered one of the strongest in the world. I am sure that Zidane can achieve a lot with this team.


If it was not possible to manage the French team, why not manage the strongest club in the country? Previously, rumors often linked Zidane with PSG, but Zidane wanted to work for the national team so much that he rejected all offers from the sheikhs. Now the situation has changed, and if Christophe Galtier fails in the Champions League like his predecessors, Zidane has every chance of leading PSG. Zinedine with Messi, Neymar and Mbappé can easily win the first Champions League trophy in the history of PSG, which the bosses and fans of the club have been dreaming of for so long.


No less rumors were around the negotiations with Juventus, in which he played for five years. The Italian giants were one step away from sacking Massimiliano Allegri after the club’s elimination from the Champions League, but they still gave him a chance, and now Juve are riding an impressive unbeaten run, which has seen the team return to the fight for the Scudetto.

And yet, Zidane has the right to have an offer from Juventus, because there is no margin of safety in the team’s game, failure is not ruled out, and the change of direction and vector of development must not be forgotten.

Another thing is that the Frenchman himself may not be interested in restoring the club and returning it to its former greatness, which will take several seasons. At the moment, this is not the team with which you can immediately qualify for the Champions League. However, if Juventus are willing to give three-time Champions League winner Zidane carte blanche as manager, then this bet seems the best for the club.


Zidane was also linked to the USA and Brazil, but I am sure that for various reasons he will not go to these teams. When it comes to clubs, there are simply no places in Europe’s top leagues where Zidane can go. Before Erik ten Hag, it was reported that the Glazers were trying to convince the Frenchman to lead Manchester United, but the Dutch coach is very successful in rebuilding the “demons” and there are no prerequisites for his dismissal. It turns out that if Zidane does not settle for the option with Portugal, then he will have to wait again.

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