What happened to the singer MakSim: details of the scandalous bacchanalia in Sochi

Date: March 19, 2023 Time: 20:36:55

Singer MakSim apologized for the interruption of the concert in Sochi

Photo: Alexey BULATOV

The scandalous breakup of the singer MakSim is the second to be commented on by the artist’s fans. After what happened at the Sochi concert, the opinions of the public were divided. Some say that “the star is seriously ill.” Others believe that he “got drunk.” Still others point out that “after a coma and three months in the hospital, a celebrity will never be the same again.”

What happened to the singer MakSim at a concert in Sochi? This question is probably the most popular right now. Social networks are buzzing: the artist was not herself, people call what happened “an orgy.” The strange behavior of the star, gasping from the stage, the sight of the singer barely standing up, and having difficulty pronouncing the singer’s words caused concern among fans. In the end, she threw the microphone on the ground and abruptly walked backstage without any explanation.

Even the most dedicated fans wonder if their idol wasn’t feeling well, why did he take the stage.

The singer’s representative tried to explain why MakSim interrupted the concert. “Suddenly he got sick… The body couldn’t take it and failed. Something happened at the concert that nobody expected,” said the star’s assistant.

And a day later, the culprit of the scandal herself contacted. Maksim made a statement.

“I sincerely apologize to everyone who let me down yesterday. I was let down by pressure, dizzy, lost my voice. Circumstances turned out to be stronger than me, I was forced to leave the stage. Each of you will be reimbursed for all money that you spent at the concert in Sochi, “the singer assured.

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