March 26, 2023

So far, not many details of Vladimir Putin’s visit to Donbass are known.


Vladimir Putin did not arrive in Mariupol by car, as he had done in Sevastopol the day before, but by helicopter. However, already on the spot, the Russian leader was still behind the wheel. The Kremlin reported that he toured “a yacht club, a theater building, memorable places in the city.”


Judging by the pictures, the traffic was not strictly blocked. Ordinary cars drove in the oncoming lane, there were few cars left in Mariupol.

So far not many details of the president’s visit to Donbass are known. In the Nevsky microdistrict, the head of state talked with the inhabitants of Mariupol. One of the families even invited Vladimir Vladimirovich to visit him. He did not refuse.

The entire time the president was accompanied by Deputy Prime Minister Marat Khusnullin. A Cabinet member was sitting in the passenger seat. In government, Khusnullin oversees construction and is logically responsible for rebuilding new regions.

– There was no lighting at all, – the Deputy Prime Minister drew Putin’s attention to the lit street lamps. The trip to Mariupol took place late in the afternoon.

Khusnullin added that the roads the president traveled “have already been more or less repaired.”


This is what else is happening in the city:

* A church and a mosque have been opened in the Parque junto al Mar.

* The authorities are preparing new jobs.

– People began to return when they saw that the restoration was underway. People began to actively return simply as families. We see it clearly and clearly, – explained Khusnullin.

* Public transport returned to Mariupol. So far 110 buses are running and they want the trams back by the summer.

– Was there a decent network? – said the president.

– The network was big enough. Here in total it turned out several tens of kilometers, – replied the deputy prime minister.

* 2% preferential mortgages for new regions could revitalize the local construction sector. A Cabinet member assured that there are those who want to build in the Donbass.

And for businesses on the first floors of houses, they are generally willing to provide interest-free loans. If only there were work.


In the center of Mariupol there were many pre-revolutionary commercial buildings and the post-war Stalinist Empire.

– They thought for a long time, demolish – not demolish. Still, they decided to keep it, they did all the design and estimate documentation for the rebuild. We want to at least start finishing the facades by the end of the year,” said the deputy prime minister.

When Vladimir Vladimirovich walked past the renovated clinic, Khusnullin drew attention to a completely new facade.

– The task is to make a face (of a city – Ed.), while we still manage to do it in parts, pieces, but we go systematically. If you allow it, we will now approve the development plan. I want to come, live a week, – admitted a member of the Cabinet.

In the end, Putin was shown the Philharmonic building.

– It turned out very beautiful, as I already reported, the company was assembled. The leader arrived from Stavropol. You know, such an active person, – Khusnullin continued the tour.

The president not only examined the restored building from the outside, but also went inside. There he was shown the renovated central entrance, the assembly hall and the training classes for musicians.

Last fall, Alexander Bastrykin, the leader of the United Kingdom, was in the same Philharmonic. The department then reported that it was possible to “conduct significant trials in criminal cases on crimes of the kyiv regime” at the facility.


During his trip to the south, Vladimir Vladimirovich also visited the command post of the special operation in Rostov-on-Don. At the entrance he was received by the Chief of the General Staff Valery Gerasimov.

– What time is it? he asked clearly in a military manner, offering to read the report in his office.

– How many do they need, – answered the president.


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