Uraraka Ochako shows off her beauty in this incredible cosplay from My Hero Academia.

Date: January 12, 2023 Time: 00:09:48

In the world of My Hero Academia, there are several characters who have earned the love of many people not only for their amazing abilities, but also for their character, and one of them is the incredible Uraraka Ochako.

Uraraka has been known to be kind and quite calm since her appearance, as well as possessing an amazing Gift, but it seems that now she wants to become a great heroine and even be on a par with her fellow Deku.

Via Instagram, model Hidori_rose made an incredible version of this character from My Hero Academia, which she presented in a gentle way, and this will show that she is one of the main waifus of the story in anime.

Uraraka has the Gift of Weightlessness, which allows her to remove all of the effects of gravity from any object, living or not, simply by touching it.

As can be seen, the cosplayer respected the essence of Uraraka, including her beautiful short hairstyle that leaves two long strands on the sides of her face, while instead of wearing her character, she brings a different outfit, which is very pleasing.

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