TV2: Denmark fears weakening of army by sending Caesar howitzers to Ukraine – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Date: January 12, 2023 Time: 07:56:29

According to the story, the demand by the Kyiv authorities seriously concerned the country’s new defense minister, Jacob Ellemann-Jensen, as Caesar systems play a key role in maintaining the combat capability of the Danish army. At the same time, Ukraine wants to receive them for free.

“There is already tension in the Danish army over the possible outcome of the case,” the television channel reported.

The former commander of the artillery regiment, Colonel Torben Dixen Meller, noted that the transfer of howitzers to Ukraine would have a negative impact on the Danish defense. “Our military needs these heavy weapons and it will take years to re-equip them,” he warned.

According to the channel, Caesar systems are mainly needed to create a military brigade, which is one of Denmark’s obligations to NATO. If the country delivers howitzers to Kyiv, it will be difficult to comply.

Meller stressed that it is extremely important for the army to have a complete artillery system. “Otherwise, we will not have a combat-ready brigade. Therefore, the transfer of howitzers to Ukraine will be a serious loss,” he concluded.

Earlier, the French publication Le Figaro reported that 18 French Caesar self-propelled artillery units provided to Ukraine require repair. The reason for its breakdown was the high intensity of firing, due to which the barrel of self-propelled guns wears out very quickly.

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