Trump is “stitched to the case”: How the arrest of the former president will turn out for the United States

Donald Trump himself denies the allegations.


The former president of the United States and current candidate for this position in the upcoming 2024 elections, Donald Trump, made a strong statement: on March 21, 2023, he will be arrested.

The reason for the alleged arrest was announced by the American television channel NBC. According to them, they are ready to accuse Donald Trump that in 2016, during the presidential election campaign, he paid a round sum to a certain porn actress for promising to keep quiet about their relationship.

The politician himself, representing the Republican Party, does not acknowledge the charges. But he calls on his supporters via social media to join the protests against the dirty political game of his rivals in the elections, the Democratic Party.

The same television channel reported that Trump’s calls have forced security forces to prepare to quell the riots if they occur.

– Yes, I read these messages, – Vitaly Korotich told KP.RU. – Well, what can I point out? There is a fight for the presidency. Here, you see, with each other: Americans are speculating that the entire justice system seems to be in their clutches as well. After all, they even put Putin on the wanted list. That is, they wanted to spit on everyone: we judge who we want.

And for Trump, the handcuff feints and trials will be very strong publicity. Biden is already changing, and the fact that the Democrats are trying to solve their problems by “running into” the most active candidate of a rival party can, of course, affect Biden’s rating very negatively.

– There are already claims that if Trump is arrested, he will win the US election in 2024.

– If you get arrested, it will really improve your chances, because everyone knows full well that the Democrats are playing a dirty game. Of course, Trump has enough “skeletons in the closet” to pull out and color: Trump has been through every conceivable speculation in his hectic life. But Biden’s closet is also full.

There is complete deja vu, a repetition of the past: the same candidates, the same dirt on each other, the same Biden intentions to jail a competitor and the same Trump calls for support to supporters.

Democracy in the American version has stalled: noisily, with sensations in the newspapers, again the old accusations against Trump, again remind of the scams of Biden’s son, etc.

All this has already happened and absolutely everything according to Chernomyrdin’s ingenious formula: “This has never happened before, and suddenly – again.” But we are talking about the election of a new president in just over a year, but who to choose?

Now they want to accuse Trump of organizing the long-discussed “raid” of the masses on the Congress building, which was stormed by the mob and allegedly called by Trump to such anarchy. Nothing good will come of it, of course.

– No, Trump is not going to be arrested for this. There he is completely different: he allegedly paid a porn actress during the 2016 election campaign to keep quiet about her relationship.

– Yes, but the raid on Congress was once again remembered and accused.

– That is, the fact that Biden’s competitor is being “stitched into a case” will only help him. And here’s another: Donald appealed to the Americans to defend him. They will come out, what do you think?

– He already appealed once – he said Biden was illegally elected – and the Americans came out and occupied Congress. Trump remains an authority on millions of American citizens, though of course he is far from perfect. And everyone in America recognizes it. By the way, there is also a candidate, the governor of Florida, who seems to be gaining points.

But now Biden will have a very strong positive impact on Trump’s candidacy. As a result of these “democratic” steps by Biden, his ex-rival Trump will score points and the Americans will have to choose a new old president. In fact, they do not want to do this – to choose from such a meager and defective assortment, and where to go, they cannot pick up anyone else.

– Do you communicate with your friends, colleagues in the USA, what do they say?

– Everyone is confused. Also, even when Biden was elected, they waved their hands and said it was terrible. However, no one was better. They chose Sleepy Joe. Now Trump will be elected.

America has stopped. I got into the so-called unbreakable democracy, which has stopped benefiting the people. There is nothing more disgusting than democracy in the world, and at the same time nothing better. It is awful. And now it’s even more remarkable.

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