Toyotaro Reveals Why Black Frieza Turned Into Dragon Ball Super

Date: January 3, 2023 Time: 01:57:39

Now that the new Dragon Ball Super arc is back, one of the biggest mysteries that fans have shown a lot of interest in is the arrival of Black Freeze, this new transformation seen in chapter 88 of the manga.

Let’s remember that towards the end of the Granola arc, this villain who gave our favorite Saiyans a headache returned just to surprise them and show them what he got, but we finally have a little more information about this new form.

During an interview with Toyotaro, the Dragon Ball Super cartoonist, he talked about Black Freeza, why the color is there, and how it differs from the golden version.

What caught our attention was that one of the first analogies of this version of Freeza is related to one of the mythical credit cards that are called “black”, but we will explain why.

Toyotaro mentions that when people think of something gold, they think of prizes or something of value, but when it comes to something more valuable, black credit cards come to mind, meaning they have more credit.

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