March 24, 2023

Date: January 12, 2023 Time: 01:55:46

If there is a work that is positioned as indispensable among shounen lovers, it is the work created by Tatsuki Fujimoto. We’re talking, of course, about Chainsaw Man, a manga that recently received an anime adaptation from the incredible people working at MAPPA. This has left many fans wondering what the characters in this play would look like if they were played by real people, and thankfully, thanks to some artificial intelligence, we now know what a live person with a chainsaw would look like.

The artificial intelligence used in this case is called Midjourney and it gave us incredible results, which is not surprising considering it is the best AI on the market.

In the images that we can see in the lines above, we see the iconic pink-haired waifu, Makima, who shows us all her radiant and imposing profile, as if she came from Fujimoto’s pen to become a woman of flesh and blood. Even his clothing is striking, like this leather jacket that manages to recreate textures in the most realistic way possible.

In the following image, we see the main character of Chainsaw Man: Denji, in a brutal and realistic interpretation, which, let’s be honest, strongly reminds us of Pyramid Head from Silent Hill. That is: this figure is as terrifying as it is impressive.

If there is a live-action “The Chainsaw Man” going on, will we see his characters like this? In any case, we are sure that it would be a real madness.

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