Thinner Igor Nikolaev first appeared in public after illness

Igor Nikolaev. Photo – channel “Russia”

63-year-old Igor Nikolaev first took part in television after illness. The composer, author and performer surprised with a flourishing appearance: he lost weight, freshened up, even Igor Yuryevich’s suit is one size smaller than in January 2023. At the end of January, Nikolaev underwent coronary angiography of the vessels of the heart and stents were installed. Now Igor Nikolaev feels great, as you can see by watching the first episode of the TV show “My Melody” on the channel “Russia”.

Thinner Igor Nikolaev with the host of the program “My Melody” Nikolai Baskov. Photo – channel “Russia”

Igor Nikolaev became a guest of the My Melody program, where the closest people prepared a surprise for him: wife Yulia Proskuryakov, 7-year-old daughter Veronika, mother Svetlana Mitrofanovna, nephews, great-nephews, cousin with wife, sister with husband. The family performed for Igor Nikolaev his song “Forgive me, believe me.” It turned out touchingly: all the closest people sang for Igor Yuryevich in turn, and those who could not come to the studio (for example, the eldest 44-year-old daughter Yulia) shot a video with lines from him.

Igor Nikolaev was touched: “I have never received such a surprise. The best surprise of my entire life!” The 7-year-old daughter Veronica did not hide the joy from her on the My Melody show: “Mom canceled school, and I went on stage with great pleasure!”

Wife, daughter and relatives of Igor Nikolaev. Photo – channel “Russia”

Nikolaev recalled how the song “Forgive me, believe me” first sounded on the air in 1986 on “Song of the Year”: “People are now recording a song for several hours. We recorded the song in one take in as many minutes as it sounds. “.

The wife of the teacher, actress and singer Yulia Proskuryakova spoke with emotion about her main desire, and she is connected with her husband Igor Nikolaev: “I want her to be happy, healthy, beautiful and please us for many, many years. Adore him and love him!”

The TV screen adds 6 kg, so in life Nikolaev is even thinner than on TV. Having studied the photos and videos of the “updated” composer, we can assume that he lost at least 7 kg. And Igor Yuryevich really suits the fashionable bright red suit in which he appeared in My Melody: tight pants, a fitted jacket – now the master can afford such a style.

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