Theo Hernández’s technical failure, Benteke’s “change of shoes” and other failures of newcomers to the club

Cristiano Ronaldo has not yet made his debut with the new Al-Nasr club, but he has already made people talk about himself again, and not only from the good side. In particular, he was amused by his first press conference, in which he was wrong and said that he had come to South Africa, that is, to Saudi Arabia. How it was possible to confuse the country’s data is unknown, but this is an excellent occasion to recall the failures of other beginners.


In 2020, Barcelona went through a difficult time, with almost no attacking players left due to injuries and the then-scourge of the coronavirus. For this reason, the culés took advantage of the league option to get a player outside the transfer market, which resulted in the purchase of Martin Braithwaite for 18 million euros, which in normal times and in a normal transfer market never I would be in one of the best clubs in the world.

The Dane had every chance to change the idea he had of himself and play at the highest level, but already at the presentation he confirmed his fears. Martin tried several times to make a “rainbow” but the ball did not rise above the grass, after which Braithwaite simply rolled the ball from side to side, pretending nothing had happened. It looked funny.

Video: Braithwaite’s blunders on the day of his presentation with Barcelona | Telemundo Sports


Braithwaite left Barcelona after two years and now plays for modest Espanyol, in stark contrast to another player who also failed a debut in 2017. This is Theo, now a world champion and one of the best players in the world in his position. , and six years ago he barely filled the ball five or six times, each time bouncing long distance.

Video: Theo Hernández’s kicks go wrong in the presentation of Real Madrid


In the first photo session after the transition, the players usually point to or kiss the new club’s crest, but not everyone immediately navigates and finds it in the form. Of the latter, we can remember Maxwell Cornet and Kieran Trippier, who instead of emblems pointed to sponsor patches. It is surprising that the clubs themselves publish this type of photos, although it looks extremely strange. It doesn’t seem like it’s just a trick by the sponsors.


Benteke cost Liverpool 46.5 million euros in 2015, but without playing he was quickly sold to Crystal Palace, but Christian himself thought otherwise. On his social network he introduced himself as a Burnley player and only after a while changed the name of the team to the correct one.

He later apologized, but did not admit the mistake, blaming another person who was supposedly responsible for maintaining his social networks.


Cases of confusion of the country, clubs, curious cases at press conferences, strange photo sessions, we remember, but not only the players, but sometimes the clubs are to blame for such failures. For example, in 2015, Everton were lucky enough to sign the talented Barcelona protégé Gerard Deulofeu, but the team’s kit service presented him as “Deufoleu” by incorrectly putting his name on the game jersey.

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