The “Original +” serial festival was held in Moscow: Bondarchuk won the award with “Actresses”, and Yankovsky was recognized as an original actor.

Do you know where life is now in full swing? In the big serial world. To see the projects presented by the streaming services, people walked in droves and the room was packed.

The Original+ Festival is now in its second year and has already become an important platform for those who film and promote serial projects.

This time the competition program turned out to be very strong. All the leading services presented their projects, and judging by the excited faces of the site representatives, it was very interesting for them to see the first reaction of the audience and find out the opinion of the jury.

For the first time, one of the episodes of Fyodor Bondarchuk’s series based on the script by Paulina Andreeva “Actresses” was shown. This is a whole saga in three acts, where every three episodes tell about heroes in different time periods. Of course, this story is not so much about actresses, but about the relationship between men and women when it rains outside the window.

Irina Pegova appeared as Catherine the Great in the Tsar’s Grafting project, which tells about a real historical episode. In the 18th century, for personal example, the Russian Empress decided to encourage her subjects to get vaccinated against smallpox.

The series “At the Bottom” will tell about a self-confident boy who will commit to relocate an entire house to earn the money he needs. Strange people and circumstances will make this trip through Nizhny Novgorod fun with a mandatory acquaintance with its inhabitants.

The luxurious and large-scale project “Operation Neman” is another attempt to film the exciting novel by Vladimir Bogomolov “In August 1944.” A successful attempt, with new twists and even new heroes. People brought up on Soviet war movies will definitely like it.

The serial saga “In the Park of the Chair” combined classic melodramatic stories with the tragedy of the Great Patriotic War. The heroes of the film become entangled in love experiences just on the eve of June 22, 1941. Then the war, and growing up, and the real drama.

The “Volunteer Playlist” series has a special mood. The film is based on the book of the same name by Mrshavko Shtapich and tells about people who spend all their free time searching for the missing. Starring Ivan Yankovski. The daily contact with human mourning gives special importance to the activities of the volunteers, and for them the answer to the question “What is the meaning of life?”.

In the elegant picture “Baby Tour”, the action takes place in the early 2000s. Three friends from a provincial town decide to get pregnant urgently and go to the United States to give birth so that their children have the right to a passport American. In a mixture of stereotypes, complexes, discrimination, dreams and integrity, many comic situations are born. The laughter, however, comes off as quite bitter at times, but the storytelling doesn’t become any less exciting for that.

The strangest product was presented to the jury by the authors of the Sverdlovsk company. His “The Case of the Lost Village” is a story about how a blogger from Moscow (Maria Gorban) came to a remote village, where all the inhabitants mysteriously disappeared. She begins an investigation, which takes place in an atmosphere of absurdity and all degrees of insanity, from mild idiocy to complete madness. The project turned out to be hooligan, non-standard and a lot of fun.

The series “Live a Life” with Lyubov Aksenova in the main role is somewhat (an obsessively rich life, apparently) reminiscent of the “Kept Woman” project. This is the story of a beautiful woman struggling with the ghosts of the past and her own fears, consulting her friends and brilliantly fulfilling her professional duties. Spying on a beautiful life is incredibly interesting, but for some reason it’s harder to care about the heroines.

The festival was held for two days and as a result the jury headed by Timur Weinstein awarded the main prize to the TV series “Actresses”. However, other projects also received awards.

Full list of winners

Original Series – “Actresses” (Kinopoisk, Wink)

Original Screenplay – Vasily Sigarev, “Baby Tour” (Kion)

Original Music – “Voluntary Playlist” (Okko)

Original Actor – Ivan Yankovsky, “Voluntary Playlist” (Okko)

The original actress – the female ensemble “Baby Tour” (Kion) – Lina Mirimskaya, Anastasia Popova, Anna Kotova and Maria Osipova.

Original Director’s Vision – Fedor Bondarchuk, “Actresses” (Kinopoisk, Wink)

Most Anticipated Project: “The Case of the Lost Village” (Evie)

Rossiyskaya Gazeta Special Award – “Operation Neman” (Wink)

Original Collaboration – “Operation Neman” (Wink)

Original Content Experiment – “UZZZ” (Premier)

Casting Directors Guild of Russia Special Award – Maria Galaktionova, “Voluntary Playlist” (Okko)

Media Jury Awards:

Grand Prize: Volunteer Playlist (Okko)

Diploma “For Madness in Humour” – “The Case of the Lost Village” (Evie)

Diploma “For the formulation of the Russian dream” – “Baby tour” (Kion)


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