The number 89,603, first prize of the Extraordinary Draw of ‘El Niño’

Date: January 6, 2023 Time: 18:03:20

The first prize of the extraordinary draw of the ‘El Niño’ lottery, held this Friday and endowed with two million euros per series (200,000 euros for the tenth), has been for number 89,603, which has fallen entirely to the town of L ‘Scaling, in Girona.

The number has been sold in the number 1 administration of this town, while the second prize, endowed with 750,000 euros per series, has been 72,289, and has been much more distributed throughout the territory, since it has been played in several provinces mainly all communities, except Cantabria and La Rioja.

For its part, the third prize, which has been for number 18,918, endowed with 250,000 euros per series (25,000 euros for the tenth), has been consigned in the towns of Guillena (Seville), Alzira (Valencia) and Lugo.

They have been the children of the school of San Ildefonso Ilyas Akpruh -director-; Natalia García -director-; Antonio Manuel Cubero -units-; Fernanda Daniela Laborde -dozens-; Diana Elisabeth Heredia Arias -hundreds-; Luis Alcides Paniagua -units of a thousand- and Yesica Paola Valencia -tens of thousands- are in charge of singing in this raffle, which puts an end to the Christmas holidays.

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