The missing star of “Matchmakers” Tatyana Kravchenko spoke about her alcoholism

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The serious scandal with Tatyana Kravchenko has not subsided for a week. On January 4, the “Matchmakers” star was supposed to perform in St. Petersburg, but suddenly disappeared. The alarm was raised by the couple of the artist Stanislav Sadalsky. She even offered to knock on the door of her apartment, and then even announced her colleague’s alcoholism. However, the Lenkom leader, Mark Varshaver, quickly besieged Sadalsky. And now Tatyana Eduardovna burst into an angry refusal.

Tatyana Kravchenko was horrified by Stanislav Sadalsky’s statements about his alcoholism. She decided to respond to the actor, as well as to those who poured a vat of slop on top of her. According to her, she deliberately did not go on stage with Sadalsky at a private performance.

The reason for such a sharp decision of the celebrity was the words of Stanislav. “First I saw the New Year’s text of the artist Sadalsky about the dismissal of the actress from our theater Alexandra Zakharova. Then another insulting nonsense about the head of Lenkom, whom I have known and respected for more than 40 years. How can you continue “Scenario with a person who makes offensive and unsubstantiated statements to the well-known and respected people with whom I work and to whom I am grateful,” Kravchenko, 69, explained.

She clarified that Sadalsky’s subsequent actions only confirmed the correctness of his decision. “The reproduction of myths about my addiction to alcohol is disgusting. For all the time of my long acting career in the theater and cinema, I did not interrupt a single rehearsal, not a single performance, not a single shooting. In Lenkom, in general, it was impossible, the artists for such misconduct were immediately fired… I don’t even want to comment and characterize Sadalsky himself and lower myself to his level, ”the website quotes her.

Remember that Kravchenko, who interrupted the performance, was hastily replaced by Zoya Buryak. Sadalsky poured water on Tatyana Eduardovna for three days in a row. According to him, she could not get away from alcoholic libations, and therefore she did not go on stage. “Alcohol has clouded the mind of a great artist,” she said, calling her performance “an embarrassment.”

At the same time, by the way, on January 5, Kravchenko already played in another performance. Alexander Pankratov-Cherny, who took the stage with her that day, called Sadalsky a bully and a brawler. And words about alcoholic libations are slander.

In turn, Varshaver was also quick to intercede for the actress, calling Sadalsky’s accusations “pure lies” and vowing to sue the actor. “Why do you allow such insults against the great actress? Envy!” said the director of Lenkom.


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