March 25, 2023

Turkey and Russia have extended the “grain deal” by 60 days.


60 or 120?

Unexpectedly, attention turned to the extension of the “grain deal.” The Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of Ukraine said that it was extended for 120 days, which was perceived by the Russian ultra-patriotic segment not even as a betrayal, but as a real “spite”. The Russian Foreign Ministry reiterated that Russia had extended it for 60 days and presented as evidence a letter from the Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to the UN, Nebenzi, and other documents indicating precisely that period.

A natural question arose: who is lying. And, although we would very much like to say that as soon as Ukrainian officials open their mouths, they immediately begin to lie, the situation is different here. Nobody lies in this situation. Because there are two, and not one, documents on the “grain agreement.” The first was signed by Turkey, the UN and Ukraine. And the second is Turkey, the UN and Russia. Moreover, this format of the two agreements was implemented at the request and initiative of Ukraine. In fact, all the contracting parties have re-signed two documents on the extension of the agreement. The Turks and the Ukrainians signed for 120 days, and we and the Turks for 60.

I wonder how Ukrainians will squeal when these 60 days expire? And won’t it turn out that they made fun of themselves again?


While the Ukrainian Armed Forces are giving hundreds of lives a day in the defense of Bakhmut (Artemovsk), in Kiev and other cities there were enterprising people stamping all kinds of different medals and orders and setting up their online retail. Everything, like a blueprint, from charity awards to combat medals, is sold at one price – 870 hryvnias. With delivery across Ukraine within 10 days. True, the medal “For the Defense of Bakhmut” has recently fallen in price, the price for it has dropped to 780 hryvnia. Which is understandable: after all, soon the entire defense of the Ukrainians will be covered with a “copper basin” and, accordingly, business.

It’s time to start producing “For the Defense of Kharkov”, “For the Defense of Zaporozhye” and “For the Surrender of Odessa”.


Yuriy Ignat, the official representative of the Air Forces command of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, expressed his extreme dissatisfaction with the MiG-29 fighters provided to Ukraine by Poland and Slovakia.

According to Ignat, who told the BBC, in part these planes can be used as spare parts donors, because they are obsolete not only morally, but also physically (the youngest rolled off the factory assembly line in 1991), and the pilots who literally perform miracles, making sorties on them and not knowing if they will fall from being hit by enemy fire or simply crumble in the air from old age.


Ukraine’s president imposed sanctions on Syrian President Bashar al-Assad on Saturday. The decree on this was published on March 18 on the website of the head of the Ukrainian state. The sanctions include the blocking of assets, the restriction of trade and transit of resources, the ban on participating in privatization in Ukraine, the suspension of economic and financial obligations, and the deprivation of Ukrainian state awards.

This happened exactly after the arrival of Bashar al-Assad in Moscow and his negotiations with Putin, in which the Syrian president said that the people of his country supported Russia in carrying out a special military operation in Ukraine, and the Most Syrians wanted Russia to win.

Somehow it became even a pity for Assad. How will he continue to live without Ukrainian prizes and deprived of the right to participate in Ukrainian privatization?


US airlines, banned by Moscow in response to sanctions against flying over Russia, have called on Congress and the White House to ban foreign competitors from flying through Russian airspace, the New York Times reports.

Due to the loss of polar routes, which save flight time and reduce fuel consumption, US airlines changed trans-Pacific flight plans, reduced the number of passengers and cargo, and also postponed the launch of more than ten planned routes. to Mumbai. Tokyo, Seoul and several other cities. And that’s all wasted money.

US airlines are lobbying the White House and Congress to “fix the problem” by applying the same restrictions to foreign airlines that they apply to US airlines to ensure that foreign airlines flying over Russia “do not depart, land or transit through US airports. And the US Department of Transportation, according to the newspaper, has already prepared a draft order that prohibits Chinese airlines that carry passengers to the States from flying through Russian airspace.

The hegemonic power can only dominate. Especially about those who cannot defend themselves. But with the Chinese, it seems that the Americans still got excited.


In October 2022, the American company SpaceX Elon Musk filed a lawsuit against the Ukrainian Starlink LLC and Ukrpatent. She demanded the early termination of the Ukrainian brand “Starlink”. And this dispute between commercial entities was resolved by a Ukrainian court in favor of… a Ukrainian company. Elon Musk failed.

As it turned out, the Ukrainian company Starlink LLC, which provides IT services, has existed for more than 12 years. The registration application was filed in March 2010, and the trademark was registered in February 2011. But the American Starlink was founded only in 2015. SpaceX itself provided the Starlink trademark for registration in Ukraine in 2020 and received the rights in August 2022. Musk stayed in Ukraine now without Starlink

It was the Ukrainians who had not yet formalized their rights to America, which, according to some of their historians, was opened by a garrison boy who fled to the then European Union Chris (Gritz) Kolumbenko.


One of the main events in Ukraine in the near future should be the phone talks between the President of Ukraine and Chinese President Xi Jinping.

According to Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba, China is resistant to their direct contact, even if it is just a phone conversation. At the same time, the head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry is sure that Beijing will not supply Russia with weapons.

“I don’t think the time has come for China now to be ready to arm Russia,” Kuleba said in an interview with the BBC, without indicating the source from which he obtained such information. But Kuleba is completely peremptory on another topic.

“Countries that did not support Ukraine have now behaved badly and will pay for it in the future,” the head of Ukraine’s foreign ministry told British reporters, clearly hoping that Beijing would end its moustache. They’ll wind him up, that’s for sure, but not in the way Kuleba would like.


– The schismatic Epifanius addressed the monks of the Lavra, stated that “everyone who rejects the power of Moscow (ie, goes over to the OCU/HCU) will continue to serve.” Away, Satan!

– Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has become the Conservative candidate for the lower house of the British Parliament. And he recently wanted to lead NATO. How fickle.

– The Taliban, according to TASS reports, prohibited the cultivation of marijuana in Afghanistan. But this did not in any way affect the diet of the President of Ukraine. Use stronger substances.

– The US administration believes that it has all the necessary financial resources to provide assistance to Ukraine until the end of September. This was stated by the White House press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre. And after September? But is it really in our time who looks beyond the ocean so far?

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