The Dutch woman who lives for free on a cruise ship for six months of the year

Not everyone lives in an apartment block. There are original homes that escape the daily routine of the usual buildings in a city and a good example of this are the prefabricated houses that are now so fashionable. However, there are people who take their home to the extreme and share their experiences on social networks to show how another way of living is possible and, moreover, fun.

Christine Kesteloo is a woman who currently lives for six months a year staying on a cruise without paying a single euro. Ok, not everyone likes the sea that much and it’s true that being cooped up on a ship may not be everyone’s ideal home, but who wouldn’t want to enjoy a free cruise for a while?

This woman has been associated with the sea all her life. She has been a cruise director for a long time and her husband is also the chief engineer of the ship in which they currently reside. It is thanks to their position that they get to live for free on the cruise and, between the two of them, add up to a whopping 45 years working and living at sea.

Being the wife on board of one of the cruise ship workers, who obviously reside on the ship, Christine is entitled to share a cabin with him at no cost. This is how she manages to live six months, divided into blocks of three and three, on this great ship without paying for the cabin. The rest of the time, as Christine herself explains on her social networks where she shows her life and housing experiences, they return to Holland.

A 31 square meter cabin with bathroom included

The favorite part of their cabin is the large panoramic balcony that they have and from which they can see the sea. Her room is at the bow of the ship and is exclusively for the couple, without sharing it with other employees, as happens on some occasions, explains this Dutch woman.

The size of the room is barely 31 square meters including the bathroom, the only space that for Christine is a bit small, but both of them manage well and have enough space for everything. Of course, they must be careful not to pour anything other than toilet paper in the withdrawal, since they could easily clog it.

In what would be the bedroom, the couple enjoys a double bed with storage underneath and a large television. There is another one above the fridge in the galley area and the ship makes it easy to access various chains and streaming movie services.

In the living room area they have a three-part wardrobe for their clothes, as well as a table and a sofa where they can spend their free time, although Christine prefers to go out on deck to sunbathe when the wind allows it. There is also a small dining table with two chairs, a desk, a wine fridge, and a window that she uses as a dresser. In the end, they have everything they need.

Services included in the cruise

One of the best things about living on a cruise ship is that they have free room service, something this couple uses regularly. In addition, they have a lavender service.

Twice a week they collect their dirty clothes, labeled with names and room numbers, and return them to them in about 48 hours on hangers, so they just have to be hung up. Irons or similar are not allowed on board, so clothes must be stored carefully.

There are many things Christine likes about living on a cruise ship, but not having to cook or do laundry is a big plus, admittedly. They live in a minimalist way and what for some could be a narrow and oppressive space, for them it is more than enough.

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