The doctor called the worst bread for blood vessels: Solid starch KXan 36 Daily News

Date: March 17, 2023 Time: 08:24:35

In addition, even a person with diabetes can add the right wholemeal bread to the diet, reports with reference to a specialist.

Many mistakenly believe that whole wheat bread is a storehouse of vitamins and its use will definitely not harm your health. Let’s say it’s not white and therefore useful. According to the expert, in the composition of black bread, as well as white, you can see technological impurities, flavorings, sugar. The use of such bread should be monitored especially strictly if a person already has a problem with blood vessels, heart or diabetes.

“Excessive consumption of simple carbohydrates, among which are the usual long bread or French baguette, negatively affects the state of blood vessels,” the endocrinologist also pointed out.

It is clarified that in bread made from premium flour (due to the peculiarities of grain processing) there are no components that are valuable to the body.

“Only starch remains in the composition of such flour,” the doctor warned.

To maintain health, attention should be paid not only to the composition of the bread, but also to all foods in the diet, Angelina Vodolazka concluded.

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