March 23, 2023

With the beginning of the new year, many goals change. But there are desires that last over time, such as finding a job with good working conditions, which facilitates reconciliation and offers a pleasant atmosphere. This is not exactly an easy task. There are more and more aspects that workers value and take into account. But here, how could it be different, companies also play a prominent role. Hence, one of the issues to which more attention should be paid is the most important skills to find a job. The CEO of LinkedIn since 2020, Ryan Roslansky, an expert on this topic, spoke a few days ago about it.

The current context of uncertainty means that the number of users of social networks for professionals such as LinkedIn is constantly increasing. Discovering how some of the main voices in the sector see the future of the world of work has become a powerful tool within the reach of all job seekers.

For years, selecting the right candidate and creating jobs revolved around education, certifications, and work experience. But a new ability was added to these a long time ago: technological ones. For Roslansky, these are now more in demand than ever.

The most important thing to find a good job

“Even if you don’t change jobs, chances are your job will change with you,” says the CEO of LinkedIn. The labor market is in a state of constant change in which functions change rapidly to adapt to changing times. Hence, the only way to keep up with the demands is to stay up to date.

And it is that, according to Ryan Roslansky, the skills have to be ahead of the academic titles. “Although they will continue to be relevant for the foreseeable future, hard and soft skills will take over as criteria for judging a job applicant’s suitability,” he explains.

upgrade skills

As a general rule, companies focus on professionals who invest time in updating their skills and make sure that these change at the same time as the demands of the industry.

The American businessman believes that the time has come to forget about titles to use in skills. In his opinion, “for too long”, titles, work experience and networks have been used to connect talent with jobs because “there was nothing better”. “But now we focus on people who know what they have to do,” he guarantees.

Similarly, Ryan Roslansky finds that software engineers who update their skills on their LinkedIn profiles receive eight times more messages from recruiters.

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