Tenderness on the beach: Anfisa Chekhova stopped hiding her beloved man

Anfisa Chekhov. Photo: social networks.

Anfisa Chekhova flew on a long vacation before the New Year holidays. The television presenter said on social networks that she would travel for almost a month. First, Anfisa flew her to the Bahamas, where she celebrated her 45th birthday. The telediva celebrated the New Year already in Miami. And suddenly I got in touch from Mexico. Chekhova warned subscribers that she decided to go on a digital detox to take a break from the phone and social media. Therefore, she will not post anything for a long time.

As it turned out, Anfisa decided to retire not only for digital detox, but also for the sake of her beloved man. The TV presenter hid the new romance from her for a long time. In public, she invariably appears alone, also in vacation photos. But now Chekhov decided not to hide his beloved man from her anymore. Chekhov hinted to subscribers that she was happy and in love with her.

Anfisa posted a short video on her page showing a man caressing her cheek with his hand. Then the chosen one of the star takes her by the hand and leads her along the sea coast. She did not show the face and figure of hers beloved of hers Chekhov of hers, only her hand is visible in the frame. The television presenter clarified that she was not going to show her man, as well as the details of her relationship.

In the video, Anfisa showed a man caressing her face… Photo: video frame.

Everything you need to know about my vacation in Mexico. Does happiness love silence? No. Happiness loves when it is carried so close to the heart that there is no time and desire to be distracted by showing it to its subscribers, ”Anfisa wrote.

Subscribers have long suspected that the TV presenter has a rich boyfriend who pays for all her trips abroad. Even before the New Year, fans suggested that Chekhov was resting in the Bahamas with her beloved man. This was hinted at by the post that he celebrates her birthday by falling in love with her.

The TV presenter travels the world non-stop. In 2022, Anfisa flew to the Seychelles in January, where she lived in a luxurious five-star hotel for two weeks. Then the TV presenter lived for almost six months on the Indonesian island of Bali. In the fall, Anfisa traveled across the United States for a month. And now he travels through the USA and Mexico.

Then the TV presenter and her chosen one walk along the beach. Photo: video frame.

Remember that earlier Chekhova was married to actor Guram Bablishvili. They divorced in 2017 after eight years of relationship. The artists put a stamp in her passport in 2015, but in the end their official marriage lasted only two years. The couple managed to maintain friendly feelings for the sake of Solomon’s son.

Anfisa told reporters that they divorced because of Guram’s betrayals. Moreover, they wanted completely different things: Bablishvili dreamed of living in Georgia, and Anfisa wanted to travel the world.

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