Switzerland would be forced to nationalize Credit Suisse if there is no agreement with UBS

Date: March 19, 2023 Time: 23:01:51

Credit Suisse does not seem happy with the terms of the offer from UBS, which does not want to pay more than 1,000 million for a bank that closed with a stock on Friday. The non-agreement, according to Bloomberg, would lead to a total or partial nationalization of the bank. The time limit for Switzerland to make a decision would be up to the minute before the stock market opens on Monday. Debt investors are nervous about this possibility, since a public bailout would foreseeably be accompanied by the execution of capital hybrids, designed to protect depositors.

These issues, which had recovered part of the ground lost with the opening of the negotiations between the two compatriots, would be turning around due to the fear that an agreement would not be closed, given that, for the moment, the starting points of one and another bank are far away.

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