March 23, 2023

Date: March 18, 2023 Time: 12:08:42

Jennifer Coolidge became famous in the 90s. Photo: Frame from the film “American Pie: All Assembled”

The sexy American comedian Jennifer Coolidge rose to fame in the 90s for her role as Stifler’s mother on the series American Pie.

She had the curvy blonde look that most teenagers succumbed to. At that time the slang word “milf” was born, meaning sexy old lady.

Jennifer constantly fed this image and even hinted that she had a connection with up to two hundred men.

Many actors don’t like to be recognized for just one of their jobs. Coolidge also became something of a hostage to the image of Stifler’s mother. But that suits him very well.

Years later, Jennifer Coolidge, 61, remains true to her style


At one point, Jennifer’s career was restarted: in 2021, she played a major role in the Emmy-winning TV series White Lotus.

Years later, the 61-year-old actress remains true to her style: she’s still the same wry, stunning blonde.

Fans have long noted that nothing is known about his personal life. As it turned out, Jennifer prefers to keep it a secret.

In his social networks he only exposes publications about charity and calls to help animals.

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