Stella McCartney made the world’s first plastic-free sequins

Date: March 18, 2023 Time: 15:39:53

British designer Stella McCartney has created the world’s first plastic-free sequin clothing. The invention was called BioSequins. Hypebae writes about it.

Botanical sequins come from Radiant Matter, a materials innovation company. They are derived from plant cellulose. BioSequins are biodegradable and non-toxic and contain not only plastic, but also metals, minerals and synthetic pigments.

McCartney used BioSequins to create a jumpsuit, hand-sewn in the brand’s London atelier. It was tailor-made for model and activist Cara Delevingne.

“I am in awe of the beauty of our multifunctional invention BioSequin, which looks even more impressive than regular sequins. Who said resilience can’t be sexy?” — shared the designer.

The idea to create sequins from plant materials came after studying the impact of the fashion industry on the environment. According to Oxfam, British women buy 33 million sequin jewelery each Christmas season, with 1.7 million pieces ending up in landfill, most of the time worn more than five times. In this regard, it has been established that 35% of the microplastics that currently pollute the oceans come from synthetic clothing.

Previously, Stella McCartney, together with Italian furniture maker B&B Italia, launched the Le Bambole capsule collection. It is made from recycled materials. The British designer reinvented the Le Bambole armchair and two sofas (Bibambola two-seater and Granbambola three-seater).

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