Slim down for the summer with health benefits: 10 basic rules to help you get rid of excess weight

Setting a goal and confidence in victory is already half the battle.

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After a long winter, it’s especially nice to take time for yourself and prepare for the holiday and recreation season. Of course, the most reasonable thing is to stay in shape all year round, keep your weight stable and your muscles trained, but not everyone does it. Zukhra Pavlova, an endocrinologist, a candidate of medical sciences, a senior researcher at the Moscow State University Fundamental Medical Faculty and an author on the Doctor Pavlova channel, told how to put yourself in order for the summer.

1. The set goal and confidence in victory is already half the success. For example, buying a summer outfit one size smaller can be a great incentive to lose weight.

2. It would be good to analyze what, when and how much you eat. Just a week of regularly completing a food journal will help you make many important discoveries.

3. If you eliminate only excessive and late meals, this is already enough to break the ice.

4. Another effective remedy is to chew your food well. If you chew each piece of solid food for a long time, this will help reduce the amount of diet, and therefore the number of calories.

– I recommend doing 33 chewing movements – it’s easy to remember and generally fits the definition of “chewing for a long time,” says the doctor.

5. Drink more water and this will also reduce the frequency and amount of food eaten.

6. It has been repeatedly proven that a lack of breakfast stimulates a large amount of food at lunch and dinner. Start eating breakfast and your body composition will start to change.

7. Every meal should have vegetable protein and fiber. Sweet fruits and vegetables, only in the morning.

8. Refusing sweets at night is a very useful habit that should become an unspoken law. It really helps keep the body lean and the brain healthy.

9. Alcohol almost always “washes” more food with it. Either skip it or immediately limit the amount of food you eat at that meal.

10. And you have to go to bed before 11:00 PM.

“If you introduce these rules into habits, then by summer you will be much thinner than now,” says Zukhra Pavlova.


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