March 23, 2023

Chansley was one of the protesters who stormed the Washington State Capitol on January 6, 2021.


Ubiquitous billionaire Elon Musk cares about everything: either he just announced that he wouldn’t mind acquiring the failing Silicon Valley bank, or he suddenly demands the freedom of Jacob Chansley.

Chansley was one of the protesters who stormed the Washington State Capitol on January 6, 2021. Due to his appearance, he immediately gained media notoriety. Jacob wore a fur hat with buffalo horns on his head, and held a spear and a banner that read “Q led me” in his hands. The Q is short for the QAnon movement, whose supporters believe in a conspiracy that robbed Trump of victory. Reporters immediately called Chansley “Shaman” and “Yellowstone Wolf.”

Elon Musk posted a video on his own social network Twitter, which filmed Jacob Chansley’s actions inside the Capitol. In the video, he reads Trump’s tweet urging protesters to go home and keep calm with the people around him. “CNN will show no such thing,” the author summarized.

Musk reacted shortly, writing in all caps: “Free Jacob Chansley.” Obviously, he meant that “Shaman” did not commit any criminal act on January 6, 2021.

After the failed assault, Chansley, like many others who stormed the Capitol that day, was brought to trial, charged with “deliberately entering and being in a restricted building without lawful authority, as well as disorderly conduct on Capitol Hill.” He was arrested, pleaded guilty at trial and received 41 months in prison. From the prison, located in Arizona, he should be released on July 9 of this year.

This video, by the way, was the first to be played on one of his last shows by Fox News host Tucker Carlson, who also expressed doubts about Chansley’s guilt.

Federal prosecutors immediately responded publicly to these concerns: the US Department of Justice press service said the video lacked context, as it is only 4 minutes long, and Chansley spent more than an hour in the capitol building.

– What happened before and after the video shot is not shown. Chansley entered the Capitol as part of an angry mob… Many of his illegal actions were recorded by the Senate’s video surveillance systems. prosecutors said.

Carlson, who demanded access to the searches made inside the Capitol on the day of the assault, received one. And, after reviewing the recordings, he insists on his account, saying that there was no aggression, and that what the Trump supporters who stormed the Capitol did can be described as “generally peaceful chaos.” Consequently, all those sentenced to one form or another of punishment for the so-called assault must be acquitted. Including Chansley.


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