March 23, 2023

The annual ranking of airports carried out by ‘AirHelp Score’ in 2022 has included a total of seven Spanish airports among the 150 best in the world. The aerodromes included in the top are: Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas, Bilbao airport, Barcelona-El Prat, Valencia airport, Miguel Hernández de Alicante-Elche, Palma de Mallorca airport and Ibiza airport.

For its part, Barajas is the first Spanish airport to appear in the world ranking, since it occupies the twelfth position and is also the first of all European terminals. Thus, the Madrid ‘hub’ obtains an overall score of 8.25 points, with 8.26 in punctuality, 8.19 in customer evaluation and 8.30 in leisure spaces such as shops and restaurants. In this case, it has experienced a great improvement, climbing 21 positions in the ranking compared to the last report prepared in 2019, in which it appeared as number 33.

Bilbao and Barcelona on the podium

The second national airport that appears in the ranking is Bilbao, in 24th place, also ahead of the rest of Europe. In fact, the first European airport after the Spanish ones does not appear until position 49 in the ranking and it is that of Milan in Italy. Bilbao obtains a score of 8.05 with 8.39 in punctuality, 7.81 in the opinion of users and 7.28 in shops and restaurants.

The third Spaniard to appear on the podium is Barcelona-El Prat, which ranks 53rd with an average score of 7.68: 7.60 in punctuality, 7.72 in customer evaluation and 7.85 in store and restaurant spaces. El Prat has experienced a great improvement in the ranking, climbing 50 positions with respect to the 2019 ranking.

In addition, Valencia airport appears in position 57 in the AirHelp ranking among the best airports in the world, and is the fourth in all of Spain, ahead of Alicante-Elche Miguel Hernández, in position 66 and the fifth national conional. score of 7.57.

The passengers of the Valencian airport give it an average score of 7.64, with a 7.60 in punctuality, a 7.90 in customer evaluation and a 7.47 in store and restaurant spaces; while Alicante airport gets a 7.57, with a 7.49 in punctuality, a 7.60 in user evaluation and a 7.81 in shops and restaurants.

In sixth and seventh position among Spaniards are the airports of Ibiza and Palma de Mallorca. Ibiza airport surpasses that of Palma and occupies position 94 in the world ranking of the best airports in the world, ahead of Mallorca, which is 22 places below, specifically at number 116.

Ibiza reaches an average score of 7.38 in 2022, with 7.35 in punctuality, 7.42 in customer evaluation and 7.44 in the supply of shops and restaurants. For its part, Palma de Mallorca obtained a score of 7.13, with a 7.04 in punctuality, a 7.05 in customer evaluation and a 7.50 in shops and restaurants.

Japan and Brazil are the pioneers

The first world airport in the ranking prepared by Airhelp is Tokyo Haneda International Airport, which obtains an overall score of 8.83. In the second position of the ranking is Recife in Brazil, with an 8.52, and the third place is for another Japanese airport, the International Tokyo Narita, with an 8.49.

This is followed by Viracopos-Campinas (Brazil), Hyderabad Rajiv Gandhi (India), Belo Horizonte Tancredo Neves (Brazil), Sao Paulo Congonhas (Brazil), Seoul Gimpo (South Korea) and Dubai International Airport (United Arab Emirates). ) ) Joined).

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