Seriously ill Anastasia Melnikova made an important decision

Anastasia Melnikova, seriously ill, will join the religious community. Photo: “Russia 1”

Anastasia Melnikova has been treated for a serious illness for several years and takes painkillers. The star of the series “Streets of broken lights” does not name her diagnosis, only points out that she suffers so much that she even moved in a wheelchair. Soon the actress intends to join the religious community.

Anastasia Melnikova has been fighting a serious illness for five years. The actress has undergone several surgeries. So far, she has not been able to get rid of the disease. The treatment continues, the artist is determined to defeat the disease.

In the near future, the star intends to join the religious community in the Leningrad region. “We really want to go to the Zelenetsky Monastery. If they let me, Masha will take me there on the evening of January 6, then we will return. They told us that there is a cell where we can spend the night. We have already gone once in the summer, but we have never gone in winter”, quotes FAN.

It is worth noting that due to drugs and operations, Melnikova’s appearance has noticeably changed. She gained extra kilos. “There were huge periods of drug treatment between operations, including hormone therapy. I didn’t eat frantic doses of hormones. But at one point I had no neck at all, my shoulders started from my cheeks. It really was a terrible thing. Hormones, I started losing weight , and then the next operation, new hormones, “the artist lamented.

Anastasia always fondly remembers the filming period on “Streets of Broken Lights”. And she’s nice to her fellow series members, even though she doesn’t see them now. “They saw me so young, slender, beautiful that pitying looks embarrass me. It hurts. They are used to the fact that I am always very strong. Now there is a part of the time in life when I am weak,” said the celebrity.

It has not yet been diagnosed. “This is some kind of new story that, among other things, they learn to deal with me,” Melnikova confessed.

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