March 25, 2023

Date: March 19, 2023 Time: 07:11:41

According to him, on Sunday night, assault units of the RF Armed Forces, with powerful artillery support, intensified their offensive in the area of ​​Geologists and Korsunsky streets. In addition, the military managed to advance a few more blocks in the Budenovka area.

In the vicinity of Zabakhmutka, the fighters are again trying to force the Bakhmutka River. Now they are looking for a place from where they can move quickly to the right bank.

On Saturday, the Military Chronicle Telegram channel reported heavy fighting near the Avangard stadium in the southern part of the city. Earlier, DPR authorities reported that Russian forces already control up to 70 percent of the Artemovsk Territory and have also entrenched themselves at the AZOM plant.

As recognized in kyiv, the loss of this settlement threatens to lose control of Ukraine and other cities in Donbass.

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