Russian companies in 2022 increased advertising investments in the markets: survey – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

The survey was conducted in December among 1,286 respondents, business owners using the online survey method in Russian cities with a population of more than 100,000 people.

This year, marketplace ad tools outpaced demand for more classic online ad formats, which they led in previous years. For example, many companies have abandoned the creation of their sites in favor of marketplaces.

According to the survey, this year one in three entrepreneurs (33%) started using market tools, 30% of respondents started using other online advertising tools. For comparison, as of 2022, traditional online ad formats led by a wide margin: 59% vs. 30% for all ad tools on the market. Demand for other instruments changed less significantly. For example, the proportion of respondents choosing billboards has dropped from 18% to 15%.

Despite the transition of many entrepreneurs to market tools, the most classic online advertising tools show the highest efficiency, the study authors write. This was stated by 51% of those surveyed, among which were both users of one advertising channel and several. Outdoor advertising and marketing tools showed benefits for 11% and 4% of companies, respectively. Overall, just over half of entrepreneurs (59%) are satisfied with the “exhaustion” of ad campaigns by 2022.

Many companies have announced an increase in ad spending this year.

Nearly one in four companies (27%) have increased their ad budget by 15% over the year, and just 12%, by more than one and a half times. The growth of the budget is associated, among other things, with an increase in the cost of attracting a client: this was reported by the majority (63%) of the respondents. However, 40% of them noted an increase in cost within 10%.

For next year, businessmen are not prepared to allocate large budgets to promotion and attracting the public. Each third (36%) intends to spend 100,000-150,000 rubles on advertising, and 15% – within 50,000 rubles. Only 1% of the respondents declared their willingness to invest more than 1 million rubles in advertising tools.

“The increase in the cost of attracting customers and, in general, advertising campaigns is mainly associated with the exit from the usual promotional channels of Russia. However, entrepreneurs are not afraid of difficulties and try to fill vacant product niches with their products and services, and this requires advertising: 47% of respondents stated that they are willing to allocate funds to solve problems with the advertising campaign, and only 15%, on the contrary, will simply cancel the launch of the campaign”, Anatoly Novozhilov, Head of Development of Advertising Services at Platforma, is quoted in the message.

“According to RACA, the advertising market in Russia fell by 6% in half a year, but I feel that this figure is much higher. This year has shown that in the face of uncertainty and constant change, one cannot depend solely on advertising. tool. The marketing approach should be flexible and complex, it is necessary to test hypotheses and experiment with different formats, channels and tools, “says Dmitry Turkevich, author and founder of MediaSniper.

A quarter of business owners surveyed admitted that they expected great results from ad campaigns in 2022. Many of them faced issues including: an unclaimed product or service and an incorrectly calculated budget (14% each), an incorrectly targeted audience and technical difficulties in launching a campaign (12% each). About 10% of respondents reported unforeseen costs. Another 4% associated difficulties with the withdrawal of international advertising platforms from the Russian market.

Nadezhda Shilova, co-chair of the ARIR Committee on performance marketing and related markets, CEO of ADLABS (ADV group), explains that markets are currently an additional sales channel, for some brands it can be significant (10-30%).

“And of course we see manufacturers entering the markets, increasing brand awareness and increasing their sales. A number of international brands have turned on mute mode. They don’t advertise on the internet or on TV, but they can sell products”. in marketplaces and even advertise them. Some formats on marketplaces are not subject to tagging, all this makes the retail media channel very attractive”, he highlights.

The Ozon marketplace press service noted that last year one of the company’s focuses was the development of advertising opportunities for vendors of third-party platforms and brands.

“Almost half of the Runet audience visits Ozon every month. From a marketing point of view, this is the most loyal and desirable audience for advertisers – you can interact with it at the moment you want to spend money,” he noted. the company. . According to the company, Ozon’s advertising revenue for the first nine months of 2022 grew almost 3 times and exceeded 15 billion rubles.

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