March 25, 2023

At first, everyone who hastily left Russia considered themselves passengers of philosophical ships. They were very fond of identifying with Bunin, Nabokov and other geniuses. Blame the homeland and its inhabitants for excessive insensitivity.

But the further, the faster the illusions dissipated, and in order to have enough for a baguette with alpine oil, the Russian stars, who were not needed abroad by anyone, were forced to pack their bags and go on tour where they would be taken. It has become popular to entertain Russian tourists at resorts. Usually the stars of the second echelon were engaged in this – summer Turkish chess, which usually did not join anything, made it possible to relax at sea and earn money.

Now the first figures of the Russian scene began to give concerts on demand (more precisely, to agree to give) quite recently – Boris Grebenshchikov, the Little Big * group and others. And what was the surprise of the artists when they and THEM began to cancel. Yes, yes, the deconstruction of Russian culture worries absolutely everyone, but how else? Otherwise it doesn’t work.

The migration services of the fabulous island of Bali mounted a real raid (at the tip of partners or not, it doesn’t matter anymore) to the organizers of events that filled out documentation in bad faith. And, who would have thought, BG, Little Big * and comedian Mikhail Shats * fell under the distribution – it was their concerts that were canceled as a result of the actions of law enforcement officers.

Of course, the above mentioned did not have work visas. The artists stopped like tourists, and then without hesitation they began to “chess”. The authorities closed the store.

In addition, they began to tighten the screws on other Russians: the governor of Bali proposed to tighten the rules for entering Indonesia from Russia. It is still unknown how this will affect ordinary vacationers. But Grebenshchikov and the company have already contributed to the abolition of Russian culture and a new blow to the Russians.

“Our concert in Bali has been rescheduled for technical reasons from March 16, 2023 to April 8, 2023,” Ilya Prusikin* wrote on social media. – All tickets purchased on March 16 will be valid on April 8.

* recognized by the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation as foreign agents


Escaped from Russia? Pack your bags, turn around and come back quickly

For more than a year, as for climate refugees – autonomous of all kinds, fleeing the harsh Russian climate in Thailand and Bali – mobilization refugees – relocators have joined. (further)

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