Rospatent chief: IP investments have doubled in five years KXan 36 Daily News

Date: January 4, 2023 Time: 14:50:34

“There is interest in intellectual property in our country. Companies and universities continue to register their applications, that is, there are no fundamental changes. Almost half of all applications for inventions are filed today from Russian universities, 46%, which is a very important indicator. It is important that there is as much damage as the desire of companies to invest in high technology. Investments in intellectual property have doubled in the last five years and amounted to 1 trillion rubles,” Zubov said.

The head of Rospatent noted that total investments in intangible assets, taking into account intellectual property, now amount to about 9.5 trillion rubles. He also drew attention to the fact that Russia is in the top ten in terms of the number of applications for inventions.

“We really work very fast, and actually maintain extremely fast deadlines – we work 80% faster than the world’s largest departments in the US, Japan, Korea and China,” emphasized Yuri Zubov.

According to him, a lot can be done through the digital transformation of administrative procedures: services are provided 24/7 on the public service portal and on the website of the department itself.

“This year 23,000 software applications have already been submitted. This is 18% more than last year. Organizations also actively use the electronic filing service when filing trademark applications, 90 thousand have already been filed since the beginning of the year. in electronic format and, which is also good news, from Russian companies,” the head of the federal service reported.

In addition, 70 applications for three-dimensional objects have already been accepted.

“In general, 3D models have a great future in the field of intellectual property. We are sure that the registration system will be based on them,” Zubov continued.

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