Ronaldo is ninth extra in Al-Nasr. Some of the legionnaires can earn a lot of money with the arrival of Krish

As previously reported, Ronaldo would make his debut for his new club Al-Nasr in the Saudi Arabian Championship yesterday. But the match was postponed for a day due to the weather forecast: local meteorologists promised heavy rain. But even today, although the weather in Riyadh is perfect for playing football, the debut of the Portuguese star will not take place. The reason is the limit of foreign players in the Saudi Arabian championship. There must be 8 foreign players in the club’s total application. Ronaldo was ninth odd.

The following legionnaires now play for Al-Nasr: goalkeeper David Ospina, defenders Ghislaine Conan and Álvaro González, midfielders Luis Gustavo, Jaloliddin Masharipov, Gonzalo Martínez and Talisca and striker Vincent Abubakar.

Therefore, Al-Nasr cannot even register Ronaldo in the local federation yet, because there is no free place in the application for another foreigner.

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“Some of the legionnaires must leave, either through a transfer or through termination of the contract by mutual agreement of the parties. The negotiations for the departure of the players are already underway, but they have not yet reached the final stage,” reports AFP, citing a club source.

The unexpected arrival of a megastar to the club can help some of the foreigners make a lot of money. Al-Nasr has spent, or will spend a lot of money, not for Cristiano to sit on the bench.

The club makes all urgent efforts to get rid of some of the foreigners. We don’t know which of them is especially valuable to the team, to build the game. But if they’re all still at the club, why would they go somewhere in the high season? Therefore, now there is a very good opportunity for someone from this eight to make a gesture of “good will” and leave the club either on loan or by terminating the contract by mutual agreement of the parties. But for this gesture, the player can ask for decent money. And it is almost certain that the club will know the player.

Photo source: Reuters

Let’s say you can send a player on loan to neighboring Qatar or the Emirates. The footballer will say: “Okay, but compensate me for all these unexpected tasks. I am a patriot of Al-Nasr and I planned to finish my career here. And now I have to move somewhere to a new championship, to a new country.

Do you think Al-Nasr will defend the price? I think not. After all, it is urgent to register Ronaldo, all of Saudi Arabia is waiting for the famous dribble from him.

As the famous chef from the famous movie said: “Forge iron without leaving the cash register!”

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