March 25, 2023

Date: January 9, 2023 Time: 02:42:35

The Russian servicemen released from Ukrainian captivity were handed over to Moscow. Photo: Press Service of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation / TASS

Planes of the military transport aviation of the Russian Aerospace Forces delivered Russian servicemen released from Ukrainian captivity to Moscow. This time, on January 8, 50 people disembarked from a military plane at the Chkalovsky airfield.

Many of them spent 7-9 months in captivity.

Even on the way, everyone received shoes, new uniforms, and rations. The response to the gifts was very restrained. It was evident that people not only lost the habit of human relations in the POW camp, but also forgot how to smile.

“All servicemen will be handed over for treatment and rehabilitation in medical institutions of the Russian Defense Ministry. All those released need medical and psychological assistance,” said the staff of the military department.

– I spent seven months in a prisoner of war camp in Lviv, – says one of the released servicemen named Vyacheslav, – Even those who have been there for 9 months have remained in the camp. It is difficult morally, the physical exercises are oppressive, it is difficult for those who are not used to physical activity.

He thanked everyone involved in the difficult exchange for brand new uniforms and mobile phones with prepaid cards to keep in touch with their loved ones.

Alexei also spent several months in captivity. His reaction to the first hours of freedom: “A brilliant meeting, as they saw our tricolor, our land, our people, they breathed our air, they immediately felt like people. It remains to take the rest from there … “

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