Renfe, Metro and bus: transport discounts in 2023 by communities

Traveling by public transport in 2023 will be the cheapest option to go to work, visit family or take a trip around Spain. The discount of 20 cents per liter of gasoline ceased to be valid on January 1, but the Government discovered an aid package to promote a reduction of at least 50% in the price of multi-trip passes and tickets for urban collective public transport and intercity.

“The new subsidies are linked to the fact that the Autonomous Communities and local entities undertake to implement and complement the discounts so that, at least, the price of the land transport services under their jurisdiction for regular travelers is reduced by half” , is detailed in the regulation included in the Royal Decree Law approved by the Council of Ministers. To reach this 50%, the Government will cost 30%, while the other 20% must be financed by the regional and local administrations. They are the following:

Renfe. Discounts of 50 and 100%

Renfe cercaniasEuropa Press

The new tickets can be requested through the Renfe Cercanías app and, in the case of Media Distancia passes, on the Renfe website and through the usual channels.

Cercanías, Rodalies and Media Distancia season tickets, free 2023 throughout Spain. Users must purchase a ticket for each calendar four-month period of the year (April 30, August 30 and December 31), pay a deposit and make at least 16 trips during the validity of each subscription. In addition, in the case of Media Distancia, Renfe will cancel the free subscription to users who, at least three times, have not canceled their seat reservation at least two hours in advance if they are not going to travel on the train in the end. . Added to the services already included in 2022 are the routes between Madrid and Salamanca and between A Coruña and Ourense, and the AVE between Murcia and Alicante.

Avant, 50% discount: reduced fares on high-speed medium-distance trains are extended on all titles (Plus Card Subscription, Plus 10 Card or Plus 10-45 Card) throughout 2023. Avant routes at 50% for recurring users are the following:

Seville-Córdoba-Málaga (with stops at Puente Genil and Antequera).Seville-Córdoba-Granada (with a stop at Loja).Málaga-Granada.Figueres-Girona-Barcelona.Lleida-Barcelona.Madrid-Medina del Campo AV.Valladolid- Segovia Madrid -Palencia.Burgos-Valladolid.Ourense-Zamora.Palencia-Valladolid.Huesca-Zaragoza.León-Segovia.Segovia-Zamora.Palencia-Segovia.Medina del Campo-Zamora.A Gudiña-Puebla Sanabria.Zamora-Puebla Sanabria. Puebla Sanabria-Ourense.A Gudina-Zamora.Puebla Sanabria-Medina.Medina-A Gudina.


Madrid MetroWikimedia Commons

The discounts in Metro at a general level are 50%, but there are exceptions. They apply to the following cities.

Barcelona, ​​​​Valencia, Bilbao, Seville, Malaga and Granada: 50% discounts:​Mallorca: free all year for residents who are regular users of the service. Madrid: 50% from January 1 to January 31 and from 60% from February 1 to June 30, 2023. In addition, 30% on 10-trip tickets and the Blue Card. These will be the prices of the subscriptions depending on the zones.

Buses and trams

Bus MadridASIAMARTIN / Europa Press

The rest of land transport, such as line buses, urban buses or trams, will also maintain discounts in 2023. They are as follows, by community.

​Canary and Balearic Islands: ​free bus and tram passes. The reduction is not valid for single tickets for a trip. Andalusia, Aragon, Cantabria, Castilla la Mancha, Castilla y León, Catalonia, Galicia, the Basque Country, Navarra, the Valencian Community, Murcia and La Rioja: 50% discounts. Asturias: long-distance buses will be free from February 1 (with a minimum of 12 trips in the first quarter of application). The flat rate of 30 euros per month is maintained to travel throughout the community. Up to 50% on urban bus vouchers in some cities. Extremadura: free tickets between municipalities in the region and various national destinations originating in Extremadura, from January 11 and on a non-recurring basis, with the SATE card. Madrid: 50% from January 1 to January 31 and 60% from February 1 to June 30, 2023. In addition, 30% on 10-trip tickets and the Blue Card.

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