Putin explained why the special operation did not start in 2014

The other day Vladimir Putin visited a helicopter plant in Ulan-Ude. Photo: freeze frame video

On March 14, Vladimir Putin visited a helicopter plant in Ulan-Ude. At the end of his visit, the Russian leader answered questions from journalists from the Rossiya 1 channel.


– As for the Donbass, we hoped that this issue could be resolved peacefully. But it turns out that now we see it: we were simply led by the nose, none of our so-called partners were going to solve anything by peaceful means, but simply pumped weapons into Ukraine and prepared it for hostilities.

The president pointed out that we now have weapons that we did not have in 2014.

– We have a lot to do, for example, to develop the ground forces, but then (in 2014) we did not have hypersonic weapons, but now we do. Yeah, we don’t actually use it, but it exists. Do you understand? There are other modern systems, but in the year 14 there was nothing like this. The subjunctive mood cannot be used here, – concluded Vladimir Vladimirovich.


– Everything that happened in the Crimea happened, as you know, because of the wheels. This is obvious to everyone. We simply could not deny the Crimeans our support and protection. Precisely due to the fact that they were already run over there, as they say in the same Ukraine, by the Nazis,” Putin said.


– We have strengthened our financial system. In our country, despite the enemy’s expectations, nothing has collapsed, everything is working, and the Mir card is working, and the financial system is working, banks are increasing their capacities,” the President recalled.

In addition, we can boast of an abundant harvest.

– Now we have, we all know, a record crop of cereals in agriculture, more than 150-155 million tons. And this is not only due to weather conditions, it is due to the development of technology, the development of fertilizer production, the introduction of a certain amount of fertilizer into the soil, etc. This is the result of painstaking and determined work over many years, the Russian leader concluded.

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