March 21, 2023

Date: March 18, 2023 Time: 19:52:50

“And Vladimir Vladimirovich took it and came. Himself. Driving. Because on such a historic day, the president is always with Sevastopol and Sevastopol residents. Our country has an amazing leader,” he said, admitting that he was surprised by the arrival from the head of state.

Earlier, Presidential Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov told reporters that on the day of Crimea’s reunification with Russia, the president would participate in the opening of cultural facilities via video link.

It should be noted that today, March 18, the President of the Russian Federation personally examined the children’s art school and the Korsun children’s center. Both objects are the first part of a large-scale project of the historical and archaeological park “Tauric Chersonesos”.

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