Priluchny told how he hid bald spots on the set of “Major” KXan 36 Daily News

Date: January 3, 2023 Time: 04:10:33

Hair is no mystery. The shooting of the new episodes of “Major” took place immediately after the project “In a Cage”, where the hero of Priluchny has an extremely short sporty hairstyle. For the “Major” it was not suitable, so it was decided to use different overlays. And to make them look organic, the Priluchnom shave their hair regularly, but not evenly. Therefore, throughout the filming period, the actor was forced to walk the streets in a cap, and relatives made fun of his hair, calling it a “lake of hope.”

The actor also said that he is currently recovering from facial surgery, for which he had plates in his jaw.

The reasons for the operation are not entirely clear. The actor himself in other interviews spoke at length that he suffered from a complex disease and did not specify the diagnosis. However, over time, the period of plastic surgery coincides with a fight in Kaliningrad, when Priluchny was seriously injured by a local businessman.

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