Premieres of Moscow theaters: Evgenia Dobrovolskaya will meet her school love – a pilot-cosmonaut

A one-act psychological drama presented by director Nikita Kobelev “Terminal 3” will premiere on the Small Stage of the Theater of Nations

Theater. Vakhtangov

In the Chamber Hall of the Simonovskaya Stage of the Theater. Vakhtangov, the play “Suicide” based on the satirical play by Nikolai Erdman was released.

The play is well known, it is being performed in many theaters in the capital. Director Pavel Safonov was drawn to the theme of the confrontation between the individual and society, the private and the public. How can a person save himself? “I thought about the words of Podsekalnikov, that he is going to take his own life:“ Man is a cell. And the soul languishes in this cage… But what if the cage is empty? if there is no soul So what? Is there an afterlife or not? This is the main question that torments everyone: “What is it worth spending your life on, what to believe in?” The director argues. “There is an answer at the end of the work: you should not live for the slogans, but to be free.”

Cast: Yuri Tsokurov, Ekaterina Kramzina, Olga Tumaikina, Svetlana Iosefiy, Vasily Simonov…

Where: Theatre. Vakhtangov.

When: January 20 and 30, February 6 and 28.

Entrance fee: 900 – 3000 rubles.

theater of nations

On the Small Stage of the Theater of Nations, the one-act psychological drama staged by director Nikita Kobelev “Terminal 3” premieres. Show based on the work of the Swedish playwright Lars Nuren. The scene of the action is the admissions department of the hospital, where a young couple is preparing for the appearance of their first child, and an older couple is waiting for the procedure to identify the corpse of a son who committed suicide.

“Globally, this is a work about life and death, but presented through the study of the relationship between a man and a woman. A peculiar variation on the theme of Bergman’s Scenes from Married Life”, says Nikita Kobelev.

Cast: Olga Belinskaya, Kirill Grebenshchikov, Dmitry Zhuravlev, Alexei Slavkin, Anastasia Fomenko.

Where: Theater of Nations.

When: January 27, 28, 29, February 13, 14.

Entrance fee: 1500 – 3500 rubles.

Chekhov Moscow Art Theater

At the Moscow Art Theatre. Chekhov, the play “Cosmos” staged by director Nina Grigorieva premieres. This is a story about unfulfilled dreams and unfulfilled wishes.

Tatyana, an English teacher, lives in a small town and teaches at the same school where she studied. Her life is bleak and empty: her husband died, her son grew up and moved away. And suddenly a ghostly hope of happiness appears: the news reports that Tatyana’s classmate, the famous cosmonaut, is coming to her childhood city. And, of course, he will go to his native school…

As Nina Grigorieva says, “Cosmos” is a funny play about a graceless life.

The performance is performed by: Evgenia Dobrovolskaya, Yanina Kolesnichenko, Vanguard Leontiev, Oleg Gaas, Alyona Khovanskaya …

Where: Chekhov Moscow Art Theatre.

When: January 17, 18, February 18.

Entrance fee: 2000 rubles.


Filumena Marturano, based on the play by Eduardo De Filippo, appears in Sovremennik’s Other Stage. One of the favorite works of directors, represented more than once. Filumena, being, like many women, a good actress, managed to marry a frivolous, but therefore even more beloved, as well as rich man – Domenico Soriano, gave birth to three children and provided them with a comfortable existence. And all this against Domenico’s wishes, but at his expense. This great scam took place in Naples, a city with always-on music, temperamental people, and an unquenchable thirst for life.

Where: Contemporary.

When: January 31, February 1, 20.

Entrance fee: 1000 – 2000 rubles.

Theater. Yermolova

On the Main Stage of the Yermolova Theater, the play-experiment “Potudan” was staged. Director – Vladimir Komarov. The play is based on a love story. Imagine what could happen if the goddess Venus was not born from the foam of the sea, but emerged from the foam of the river somewhere in the Voronezh or Saratov region. And her name would not be Venus, but simply Lyuba. And an ordinary Russian guy, meeting her, did not immediately understand what had happened, and then, when he understood, he immediately fell in love with her.

Where: Yermolova Theater.

When: January 24, 31, February 14 and 25.

Ticket price: from 300 to 1500 rubles.

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