March 21, 2023

Date: January 7, 2023 Time: 01:54:23

Pokemon anime is about to return to TV with the final arc or final episodes of Ash Ketchum and Pikachu going back to the old days but not alone in these latest adventures as both Misty and Brock will be back to accompany you one last time before that. a great ending to the history of the franchise.

Last year, Pokémon Journeys was a real bombshell for fans of the Pocket Monsters anime as, as you probably already know, everyone’s favorite Ash became world champion by winning the Eight Masters Tournament. The news was incredible and exciting, but it brought with it an announcement that was good, albeit sad for fans of this franchise, as it was confirmed that young Ketchum and Pikkahu would finally be leaving the anime with a final series of episodes that would serve to say goodbye. with them formally.

The final arc led by Ash and Pikachu will be called Pokemon: Aim To Be A Pokemon Master and it will be an enjoyable journey that will take us back to the most classic adventures of a Pokemon master and his electric best friend, and of course how it is this return to back to the old days of Ash’s life, his first two big friends and travel companions Misty and Brock will join them to give us a beautiful and nostalgic goodbye. In addition, Team Rocket’s Jessie, James, and Meowth will also return to the anime to say goodbye, as will other classic characters such as Gary Oak, young Ketchum’s first rival.

The final episodes with Ash and Pika Pika will premiere on January 13 on Japanese TV in Tokyo, with a big farewell expected at the end of March 2023, just in time for the premiere of the next arc with new main characters.

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