Playlist BURO.: winter playlist by Alena Shvets, which will prolong the holiday feeling

Alena Shvetsova, known as Alena Shvets, fell in love with us for simple songs about teenage love and friendship. In 2015, Alena recorded her first composition with a guitar, and now her page in Yandex Music has accumulated more than 650 thousand likes. Before the New Year, Alena released the song “Snow Waltz” – about snowflakes, people and love. With BUREAU. the girl shared music that will brighten the last two months of winter.

Alena Shvets – “Snow Waltz”

This is my most New Years track from the album “Antidote”. It has a sense of a fairy tale: one wants to waltz in a magnificent dress in the hall of an ancient castle.

Lana Del Rey – “Blue Jeans”

I’ve kept this song on my playlist for many years, but for some reason I’m playing it a lot this winter. It just adapts to the mood.

LSP – “Queen of the Ball”

My sound producer Sasha loves LSP so this song is also on my playlist. We often share our favorite music with him.

Amy Winehouse – “Mr. Magic”

Amy Winehouse is a true legend with a uniquely strong voice that I can listen to for hours.

Alena Shvets – “Sleep”

This is my new winter track, in which I captured a cozy home atmosphere. The song is perfect for cold evenings. Be sure to listen to it before going to bed, looking at the stars in the black sky.

Fleur – “Warm Cats”

I love animals! Unfortunately, I am allergic to cats, so I can only listen to songs about them. Fleur is one of my favorite bands whose songs never get boring.

Cage The Elephant – “Cold Cold Cold”

I have been listening to this song, which has become a classic for a long time, since my school days: you can cry and dance.

Nirvana – “Lithium”

There is no need to explain anything here! Legendary track.

kate bush

Track from 1980, found it on TikTok. I was very hooked on the artist’s performance and charisma. The song is similar to one that plays in old atmospheric movies.

Sia – “Snowman”

I love the melody of this song. I think millions of people associate it with the holidays, and I was no exception! I heard this record dedicated to Christmas.

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