March 25, 2023

Date: March 17, 2023 Time: 19:39:11

BATO is a hip-hop artist from Moscow, a member of the Hella Hillz creative association. He released his third solo album “Mountain Buffalo” today. The guests of the disc were Boulevard Depo, Saluki, Lizer, Tveth, 104, Truwer, Lasilini, Zima and Liza Sadrieva. The new release is heavy street hip-hop, a combination of boom-bap and dark trap. On the new album, BATO finds a balance between energetic, sometimes aggressive tracks and more relaxed and introspective compositions. Especially for BURO. the musician has compiled a playlist with underground street sounds, which will help you to better immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the release.

RIVKA – “Reggie Daze”

Created for a Saturday evening walk along the Kotelnicheskaya embankment.

ICYTWAT – “Choose a side”

After training on the way home with a wild appetite to destroy everything around him.

Ella Fitzgerald – “In every life some rain must fall”

A bit of romance, if for you the GUM palette is one of the most pleasant memories of childhood.

Tony Yayo, Spider Loc – “It Is What It Is”

Metal groove of the streets.

Nick Mitdemkopf, Smuff Tha Quiz – “Hektik on the Block”

Great sound from great people. Underground to the core of the Earth.

Ghoulavelii – “Pimp C”

One of the artists I run through the playlist with every day. Everyone should have at least one clue. Let this be!

Quincy Jones – “Body Heat”

Well, there are no comments here. This music is just real live emotions.

BATO – “Mountain Buffalo”

Representing the acceptance of inner strength, and the buffalo is its personification. Aggressive track, divided into two parts on how to increase the skill in a short period of time.

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