March 26, 2023

The president went to Mariupol immediately from Sevastopol. Photo: freeze frame video

On Sunday March 19, a Kremlin spokesman gathered Russian and foreign journalists for an urgent briefing and made a number of important clarifications about Vladimir Putin’s recent travels.

Peskov said that the president went to Mariupol immediately from Sevastopol, both trips were made on Saturday, the second – quite late at night.

… – Initially, the plan was only to visit this residential complex (we are talking about Mariupol. – AG) and, of course, neither communication with citizens, nor visiting, nor visiting, this was not planned, Peskov said . – This was all absolutely spontaneous. Actually, as well as absolutely spontaneously, the president went on, you saw (on TV), looked at the stele, the monument to the Heroes of the Great Patriotic War. And then the park, which overlooks the yacht club, which is now being revived.

Vladimir Putin got behind the wheel, with Deputy Prime Minister Marat Khusnullin in the passenger seat. Photo: freeze frame video

Along the way, we discussed with Marat Khusnullin (Deputy Prime Minister of Russia – AG) further plans for the development of the urban environment.

Putin, you saw, he was driving the car himself, Khusnullin explained to him on the way.

By the way, it was not planned to move around the city either.

And indeed, on the way, the president received an absolutely comprehensive report from the supervising deputy prime minister: on the development of the urban economy, the road network, and the restoration of destroyed buildings.

Various issues were discussed: how many people are employed at the facility, how working conditions are observed, how building materials are delivered – all this was reported to the head of state in one complex.

A visit to the Philharmonic was not planned either. This idea was also born along the way.

Vladimir Putin was shown the Philharmonic building. Photo: freeze frame video

Therefore, in fact, the president had such a complete business trip.

Then the official representative of the Kremlin answered the questions of “KP” …

– Dmitry Sergeevich, what was the need for the president to conduct himself both in Sevastopol and in Mariupol? What did that mean? How comfortable did he feel and, most importantly, how was the security of the head of state observed?

“Security is always respected,” the spokesman said. – As for driving a car, you know, the president usually does this…

The most interesting, perhaps, again, returning to Mariupol, there was no caravan as such, a very compact group of cars, in one of them he himself was a driver.

And the cars were moving around Mariupol, the president was driving around the city, looking at everything …

They moved around Mariupol, fully observing the traffic rules.

There, somewhere, including on the frames, you can pay attention to the fact that where there were “give way” signs, they stopped there, gave way, etc.

Since it was not planned and, so that it did not block any movement of construction equipment, nor citizens … Traffic rules were observed.

By the way, I also remembered that maybe this is not connected with driving a car, we already said that citizens with whom Putin did not communicate as planned, raised questions about late payment of wages. That it is difficult to obtain citizenship of the Russian Federation and it is difficult to issue passports.

Therefore, there will be instructions from the head of state to improve this system so that citizens do not face such difficulties.


– Next, also a rather important touch, – said the press secretary, – which refers to the part of Rostov, when Putin arrived at the headquarters of the special military operation.

This trip was also not planned in advance. No one planned this trip in advance either through the administration (of the President of the Russian Federation. – AG), or through the Ministry of Defense.

Vladimir Putin also held a meeting at the command post of the special military operation in Rostov-on-Don. Photo: freeze frame video

The fact is that at the NWO headquarters, work is carried out around the clock and such debriefing sessions in the areas are held several times during the day.

And just in time for one of these area reporting sessions, the president arrived.

You also saw in the pictures – a rather detailed conversation took place.

The Supreme Commander-in-Chief listened to the reports on the addresses, such discussions are held there every day.

And then I talked to Gerasimov separately for a long time …

(Valery Gerasimov, Chief of the General Staff, Commander of the Joint Group of Forces in the NVO zone).

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