People are horrified by Smolyaninov’s betrayal: “Arthur wished the death of his children, wife Daria Melnikova and mother”

Actor Artur Smolyaninov

Photo: Anatoly ZHDANOV

A huge scandal broke out after Artur Smolyaninov’s vile and cynical statement. The actor wished that there were radioactive ash left over from Russia. In addition, he talked about his intention to fight for Ukraine and announced that he was definitely ready to kill fellow actors who supported the SVO.

Artur Smolyaninov fled from Russia to Europe a few months ago. In a foreign land, an unemployed actor turned out to be of no use to anyone. He tried to move to the United States in search of at least some kind of income, but he didn’t make it to trial there either. As a result, the fugitive settled in the Baltic states. And the other day he gave a shocking and terrifying interview with the cynicism of him.

“I want to fight for Ukraine”, “I … what will remain of Russia, even if one region, and everything else turns into radioactive ash”, “My friends wrote to me that my colleague Soslan Fidarov, such an artist, who with a high share there is no longer any chance of it. I was filming with him in the “9th company”… He is a member of a special operation… Would I shoot him? Without any doubt. Without any doubt! .. “- these are just some terrible phrases that were once uttered by a good and very popular artist, treated kindly by the Russians.

In Moscow, he left his ex-wife Daria Melnikova, an actress remembered by millions of viewers in the series “Daddy’s Daughters.” In addition to two children, a retired mother. After the actor’s statements, people do not understand how a man can “wish the death of his own children, his wife, even the previous one”, “mother in Russia, brother, a bunch of relatives: he wants to kill everyone. Mr. , illuminate it”.

According to the Russians, Artur “received a fee” for this interview. He needs to live on something ”,“ Such monsters do not go to the front. All the trenches… out of fear”, “He still earns them, in the video he complains that the new film has not been released”, “He hates Russia”, “He wants to shoot Russian soldiers and his old friends”, shares the people.

Some recalled that Arthur is a trustee of the Gift of Life charitable foundation. “How can you sacrifice everything for the sake of sick children, and then show a willingness to shoot their parents,” the Russians write on social networks.

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