One Piece: This is what the Water 7 arc would look like if it was live action

Date: January 10, 2023 Time: 04:42:28

Since One Piece’s live action was announced, many fans have submitted some of their favorite arcs, but one fan has gone further by making his own video with the Water 7 arc adapted in this format.

The “Water 7 arc” contains some of the most powerful, epic and emotional moments our straw hat protagonists have gone through. This fan video published by Wai Kin (Youtube) titled WATER 7: The Fall of Merry managed to crystallize many of these emotions and it is impossible not to remember each of these moments with emotion and love in this short but beautiful video.

What do you think of this live version of the One Piece Water 7 arc?

Instead of focusing on “character similarities”, this fan video takes us to the fantastical moments and settings that took place in the Water Capital: the spirit of fun… the sea train… the carpenters’ headquarters at the Caboose Company (and its fire)… an attack on Franky’s House or a grand duel between Luffy and Usopp.

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