Now you can see the new start and end theme for the second season of the Vinland saga.

Date: January 10, 2023 Time: 03:07:41

January is a great month for several anime to return to our screens with new seasons, and one of them is none other than Vinland Saga, a Scandinavian series that has already premiered with a new opening.

The opening episode of Vinland Saga season 2 is accompanied by Anonymous’ theme song “River”, while Thorfinn’s flashbacks and kaleidoscope of imagery gradually anticipate what’s to come “after the prologue” that led up to Season One.

On the other hand, now we can also enjoy the new closing theme of the Vinland saga, namely that after the broadcast of its first episode, the ending titled “Without Love” performed by LMYK 2023 was published. Enjoy it below:

As you can see in the footage, the second season of Vinland Saga will be produced by the animation studio MAPPA. To date, the anime has 25 episodes, which you can watch on Crunchyroll in the original language with subtitles.

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