Nirvana and The Supremes will receive Grammys for Special Contribution to Music

Date: January 6, 2023 Time: 15:22:35

The United States Recording Academy will honor a number of artists and bands with Grammy Awards for outstanding contributions to the music industry. The award is called the Lifetime Achievement Award or Lifetime Achievement Award. The Hollywood Reporter writes about it.

The award will go to Nirvana, all-female R&B trio The Supremes, blues artist Ma Rainey, Chic co-founder Nile Rodgers, rapper Slick Rick, jazz and reggae musician Bobby McFerrin, and Heart founders Ann and Nancy Wilson.

Diana Ross, who began her career at The Supremes, will receive her second such award, her first in 2012 as a solo artist. The other two members of the trio, as well as Kurt Cobain and Ma Rainey, will be honored posthumously.

Statuettes will also be awarded for technical achievements in music. They will be delivered to Andy Hildebrand, the creator of autotune, a technology for adjusting notes to the desired pitch, and the World Society of Sound Engineers. All of the above will be awarded in Los Angeles on February 4, the day before the main ceremony.

The first nominees for the award have already been announced. The leader in number of mentions was the singer Beyoncé, presented in nine categories. Rapper Kendrick Lamar entered in eight categories, artist Adele in seven.

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