Nikita Mikhalkov is saved by the doctors of the singer MakSim

It was not by chance that Nikita Mikhalkov was transferred to hospital 52 – they have the most modern medical equipment, and the doctors are highly experienced.

Photo: Boris KUDRYAVOV

People’s Artist, legendary director Nikita Mikhalkov fourth day in the hospital. During this time, various versions of the diagnosis of 77-year-old Nikita Sergeevich have appeared. However, the Mikhalkov family currently does not comment on or express the director’s diagnosis. Officially, the artist’s press secretary announced the diagnosis: flu. On January 8, Nikita Mikhalkov’s press secretary, Irina Myachina, responded to when asked about Nikita Mikhalkov’s state of health: “When there is a comment, I will let you know.” Apparently, the relatives and the team are waiting for an order from the director himself: when he wants to announce that he is already healthy.

What is Nikita Sergeevich being treated for?

Members of the Mikhalkov family (like Nikita Sergeevich himself) answer the phones only to the phone numbers they know. Vladimir Legoyda spoke with Nikita Mikhalkov himself at Christmas. The head of the Synodal Department for Church Relations with Society and the Media, Vladimir Legoyda, said on his telegram channel: “I spoke briefly with Nikita Sergeevich on the phone. He warmly thanked the Patriarch for his prayers and attention. He also thanked everyone who is praying for his speedy recovery.” On the eve of the liturgy, Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Rus prayed for the health of Nikita Sergeevich. The patriarch gave the director of the hospital a sacred prosphora, from which a particle about his health was extracted. At Christmas, Nikita Sergeevich also received congratulations from his relatives, all by phone.

Nikita Mikhalkov was hospitalized on January 5: he had a fever, cough and slight difficulty breathing. So we decided to call an ambulance. The ambulance took the People’s Artist to Moscow Clinical Hospital No. 67, and there they had already decided to put Nikita Sergeevich in hospital No. 52 in the capital. Immediately, the press secretary of the people’s artist, Irina Myachina, made an official statement: Nikita Sergeevich was hospitalized with the flu. On Telegram channels, citing “his sources from him”, two different diagnoses of Mikhalkov were named: “covid pneumonia” (Baza) and “bilateral polysegmental pneumonia, intoxication syndrome” (Mash). Mikhalkov’s friend Alexander Adabashyan told about Nikita Sergeevich’s well-being: “There is no coronavirus, that’s for sure. That’s the first thing I asked, something that concerned me. I did a test right away. He did not find covid. Now there are many options for colds, flu with fever, so do not be surprised. But there are no tragic consequences for Nikita’s health.

Where is Nikita Mikhalkov receiving treatment?

What are Nikita Mikhalkov’s colleagues talking about now? Nikita Sergeevich is conscious, he is in the intensive care unit of the Clinical Hospital No. 52, he is breathing on his own. They discuss the version that due to the flu he began a complication – pneumonia. During the flu, a bacterial infection can also develop, so they do not know what kind of pneumonia the people-artist has – viral or bacterial colleagues. The producer, a well-known organizer of events, told us: “On Christmas night, at one of the events, fellow artists discussed the news about Nikita Sergeevich: they say that he still has a small but positive trend. They say that there was a flu, and therefore there are inflammatory processes in the body. We all pray for the speedy recovery of the legendary man.”

It was no coincidence that Nikita Mikhalkov was transferred to the intensive care unit of the 52 hospital. It has state-of-the-art medical equipment and doctors have vast experience, all to save people with complicated pneumonia. It was in the intensive care unit of hospital 52 that the lives of many seriously ill patients were saved during the pandemic years. For example, the doctors of this department also saved the singer MakSim (Marina Abrosimova), who was transferred here with advanced pneumonia after treatment in a private clinic. MakSim had a negative covid test upon entering a private medical center. Marina explained: “I was told that when the virus is just starting, it can be determined, it stays in the mucous membrane. And then the virus went down to the lungs, and through the test it could not be determined, it was negative. The singer was unconscious, so her mother decided to sign the papers for the transfer of the star to hospital No. 52. And she saved her daughter’s life. Marina’s condition was serious: she was connected to a ventilator, put into an artificial coma: “My gratitude to the first clinic for the fact that they sincerely admitted that they could not cope, that they were losing a patient. The ventilator could not cope, the damage to the lungs was done more and more. Blood clots formed and the oxygen that was supposed to go through the ventilator to the lungs did not reach the lungs. Therefore, an ECMO device was urgently needed, which replaces the function of the lungs and other organs. And at this time, doctors can fight for the life of the patient. An ECMO machine and doctors with extensive experience in rescuing severe pneumonia patients are at Hospital No. 52. ECMO is an artificial circulation system: the machine pumps and oxygenates the patient’s blood out of the body of the machine. The procedure is carried out when all other treatments have been tried. The singer MakSim spent more than a month in an artificial coma, in intensive care: she was cured, and the woman returned to her usual life and her touring activities.

There is no doubt that Nikita Mikhalkov is in the hands of experienced doctors. I would like to believe that in the next few days we will receive news that the danger has passed and Nikita Sergeevich is on the mend. Recall that the director recently dealt with another misfortune – in 2018 he had a hip joint replaced, and during the operation an infection was introduced into the joint, there was a crack in the bone … After that, the complex elimination of complications began complex . Mikhalkov said: “After that, there were 7 operations and 39 hours of anesthesia.” Nikita Sergeevich recovered and returned to work. Now people are writing wishes for health to the director in the comments to the official telegram channel of the author’s program Besogon from Mikhalkov. Many messages to Mikhalkov with wishes of recovery. Here are some examples. “Nikita Sergeevich, we are waiting for good news. We pray for you. You are the spokesperson for the people, please recover, we are worried”. “Nikita Sergeevich, yesterday I was with my wife in Vyritsa, I adored Seraphim Vyritsky. And he prayed for you, for your recovery. We really need you, the whole country! We believe that all diseases and illnesses will disappear and you will be with us!

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