March 23, 2023

Date: March 17, 2023 Time: 14:45:59

Arkady Novikov’s new project is based on the soul, literally, because the root of the word “merak” can be translated as “labor of love.” The focus is on Greek classics and the Mediterranean: Vladimir Bogozhavets (Salon, 5642 Height, BOLSHOI, Maroon) is responsible for the kitchen together with Artur Kholikov (Eva, AQ Kitchen, Garden). They offer to start with mezedes – aioli pasta with trout caviar, salmon rill, or Greek salad with feta – and then try spaghetti with seafood in a garlic and butter emulsion and baked saganaki shrimp, as well as ladolemono sea bass with sautéed tomatoes, vegetables, capers and Kalamata olives. Dessert is hard to resist: on the sweet menu you will find “Tre leche”, a vanilla cookie soaked in three types of milk.

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