National Guard: documents were found confirming the theft of weapons and goods in the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Date: January 9, 2023 Time: 18:41:52

The Russian Guard servicemen seized the documents of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which speak of systemic deficiencies in the organization of the protection and defense of important facilities.

“In particular, the notification of the Security Service of Ukraine testifies to numerous facts of looting and damage of military property in military units of Ukraine for the purpose of illegal enrichment,” the National Guard said in a statement.

The inadequate state of the organization of the protection of military installations is stated in one of the acts: “The Security Service of Ukraine established that these illegal actions were facilitated by: the absence or inadequate state of means of protection of the military installations; lack of technical means of protection in most units of military equipment (kungs, cabins, caponeras, etc.); low level of staffing of security units; inadequate state of the organization of the protection of military installations.

The employees of the SBU concluded that the identified shortcomings “do not exclude the possibility of unauthorized persons entering the storage facilities of military equipment, as well as the inappropriate attitude towards the performance of official duties by certain officers of military units who they are responsible for the security of military property. .”

Earlier, in the course of carrying out service and combat tasks, the National Guard discovered documents of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, indicating the moral decline of the personnel and a low level of discipline.

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