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Natasha Koroleva with mother Lyudmila estate (on the left, in red) and other relatives

Photo: Personal page of the hero of the post on the social network.

Natasha Koroleva left Russia. The singer celebrates Christmas with her mother Lyudmila Poryvay, who openly supports Ukraine.

Natasha Koroleva and her mother Lyudmila Poryvai have always been close. The other day, the singer flew to an elderly father’s house in Miami to celebrate Christmas there.

“Christmas is coming, a holiday that I love and above all revere, and my great-grandmother instilled in me a love for this holiday, who, despite the prohibitions of the Soviet era, passed on to us the tradition of celebrating with her family. Despite any obstacle, on this day I always try to be with my family, next to my mom,” wrote Natalia.

He posted a family photo. In the frame, the star poses with her retired mother, her sister Rusya, her husband and her daughter.

“How important and expensive it is to preserve what sometimes seems to disappear in the daily bustle of the modern world, when many no longer store photos in albums, and send greeting cards en masse in messages. How much happiness, to close the fuss. for a while with a key, and just being a daughter, wife and mother, with her family at a party that gives us faith, hope and love, ”wrote the 49-year-old singer under the image.

True, it is not known whether the husband of the artist Sergey Glushko was present at the family evening. He initially he expressed his patriotic position towards Russia. Because of this, the mother-in-law unsubscribed from him on social networks.

Let’s keep in mind that Poryvai moved to the United States in the mid-90s. Here he met businessman Igor Elperin, the owner of a chain of restaurants and shops, as well as a taxi company. The queen’s mother married a wealthy widower. “He lost his wife, I lost my husband, we are over 50 years old, and it seemed like it was not worth starting something new! But we took a chance and lived happily for more than 20 years! So all the Ages are submissive to love! The main thing is to find my soul mate,” confessed the 76-year-old retiree.

The woman owns several apartments in the United States. Among other things, in the United States, Poryvay receives minimal benefits from the state. “In the United States I receive a pension. Although I have not worked a single day, I have a pension -$600- for old age,” the woman boasted.

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