Nastya Ivleeva made half a billion in a year with her chips

Date: March 18, 2023 Time: 17:45:39

Delicious business Ivleeva-Uzenyuk is not alone

Photo: Ivan MAKEEV

Nastya Ivleeva is unlikely to talk about this in a blog – star businessmen share such data, first of all, with the tax inspectorate. Although why not boast of record numbers? According to KP.RU, the star of social networks (in her documents she retained the name of her ex-husband Eldzhey and in all business reports she is known as Anastasia Uzenyuk) declared an income of 445 million rubles in 2022 – this is the amount the company Bee Knees, which produces potato chips, won “Easy Pizzy” and carbonated drinks with the avatar of Ivleeva herself.

The net profit of the company amounted to 37 million. Don’t let this difference mislead you: When analyzing a company’s financial success, experts focus primarily on total revenue, not the profit figure on which taxes are paid.

Meanwhile, Ivleeva-Uzenyuk does not run a tasty business alone: ​​she started the company in February 2021 together with partners Alexei Klochkov and Vitalius Paulus: the blogger has a majority stake in the business – 45%, her colleagues – 27.5% each . Both are venerable sellers. So, Paulus was the general director of the alcohol distributor Bacardi Rus and vice president of marketing of Danone Russia, and Klochkov held senior management positions in the Pyaterochka and Dixy retail chains. They say that in Nastya Ivleeva, who has more than 20 million subscribers on social media, the partners saw a powerful “source of traffic for supermarket chains” after the blogger successfully advertised Lay’s and Pepsi in 2020.

By the way, the name “Bee Knees”, mysterious for a Russian person, is a reference to an American idiom, which translates as “the height of perfection”, “icing on the cake”, “something amazing and extraordinary” . ” And the name “easy-pisi”, spicy to our ears, is nothing more than the expression “easier than easy”.

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