March 24, 2023

Date: January 7, 2023 Time: 02:48:34

Nagatoro will be back with a new season to make his poor senpai’s life impossible and if you don’t believe us then you should see the first images of this episode 01 Ijiranide! Nagatoro-san: Just shared the second attack.

The big surprise of this season is that in the animation studio OLM inc. the one in charge of continuing the animation of Ijiranide! Nagatoro-san started out at the hands of Telecom Animation Film, and judging by the following images, it looks like Nagatoro’s antics will remain as lively and colorful as they were in the first season.

The second season (titled “Ijiranaide! Nagatoro-san: 2nd Attack”) will premiere on January 7, 2023. This season’s cast will add even more characters to the story: Anetoro (played by Yoshino Nanjō), Sunomiya (played by Sayumi Suzushiro), Orihara (played by Kaori Maeda) among other upcoming characters.

To date, the anime “Nagatoro” consists of one season with a total of 12 episodes, which you can watch on Crunchyroll both in the original language with subtitles and dubbed in different languages ​​(including Latin-Spanish).

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